Day 8 // Obedience & Senioritis

Well friends ... only two days to go in my journey through the book of Ephesians. Tonight, I'm landing on Chaper 6.

It's interesting that "Obey your Father and Mother" is the first commandment with a promise attached to it: "so you will live well and have a good life." I love my mom and dad. I don't say it often enough. I haven't always appreciated them so much - but college has shown me just how blessed I really am. They taught me about Jesus, choices, the Cardinals, art, respect, girls, listening, keeping my chin up, improving and moving on ... and for that I am forever grateful.

Growing up, I'd say that most of the time I obeyed them. I usually did what I was told. As a result, we built a mutual trust ... and it worked. The commandment's promise is TRUE.

Until tonight, I'm not sure I ever read the second part: "Fathers, don't exasperate your children by coming down hard on them. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master" (v4). Dad, thanks for living up to that end of the deal.

OK. Here we get to the rough part. Chapter 6 attacks my senioritis. "Don't just do what you have to do to get by, but work heartily, as Christ's servants doing what God wants you to do" (v5-8). Ahh ... I wish I wouldn't have read that. Senioritis kicked in months ago: classes have lost their relevance, I'm tired of studying, and I'm not any good at my screenwriting class. I need to finish strong. God has placed me in this phase of life - as a college student - to serve well and study hard.

My Prayer: God, give me a renewed strength and passion to carry on ... through this semester and next. This is for Your glory!

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Anonymous said...

Other than the Cardinals, it seems that your folks are awesome.

Throughout life you'll have opportunities for Senioritis - job assignment changes that have not yet taken effect, lame duck pastors, relationships that wane, a house you've sold, but not yet left, and on. Win this bout of Senioritis and you'll strengthen your immunity system.


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