Beverly Hills - NOT where I want to be

Weezer sings a simple song about the life of the stars in Beverly Hills ...

Found out today in Screenwriting class that the average price for a one bedroom house in LA is $470,000. That's the AVERAGE price. One bedroom. I'll say it again, $470,000.

Maybe I'm just cheap, but that shocked me. Anyway - 4 classes today, and that's what I walk home with. :-) Peace.


i4color said...

Does the semi have a parking permit?

Ben White is out there (CA)... wonder what he's paying.

$470,000 ummmmm...... Chicago is not too far behind. Although, I think you can get a whole house for that in Chicago.
Paid $32,000 for our first home (2) Bedroom in Pekin (1982) - Lived across the street from a hatchet thrower and peeping tom lived down the street.
Location. Location. Location.

Jason Terhorst said...

$470,000 is definitely the minimum. There were many houses I saw out there that were a million or more, and here in Peoria, they'd be considered kind of trashy. As you go further into the hills, the higher the altitude, the higher the price. And the streets in the neighborhoods are so narrow, too. Why on earth would I want to pay a couple million bucks for a house in a neighborhood where the cars can't even fit on the streets? (the scary thing is, I'm not kidding... in some places, you'd think you were on the sidewalk)

One piece of advice... stay as far away from L.A. as you can. There are no houses around there that you or I could afford.

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