The Drummer Boy

Effective December 1st, we began piping 24-hour Christmas music through the apartment. It's only been four days, and we're already tired of most of the songs on our list - but we're committed to keeping it going until Christmas! If you've got any good Christmas CD's ... bring them here :-)

I sat down this weekend to work on the Christmas@FullVolume set. I can't wait until Monday night! It's going to be a very fun way to end the semester.

"The Little Drummer Boy" is one of those songs that used to annoy me. Growing up, I used to think the "pa rum pa pum pum" part was cheesy. Still do, but last night as I sat alone ... rehearsing in the living room, the meaning behind the song really impacted me.

Come, they told me - a newborn King to see!
Our finest gifts we bring to lay before the King, so to honor Him.

I am a poor boy. I have no gift to bring that's fit to give a King.
Shall I play for You on my drum?

Mary nodded. I played my drum for Him - I played my BEST for Him!
Then He smiled at me.

I've studied music all my life. Throughout the years, I've been fortunate to play some sweet gigs ... Ford's Theater (where Lincoln was Assassinated), the World Leadership Congress Choir, and most recently on Rich Mullins' piano.

However, none of those even compare to the opportunity I have every day ... to offer my gifts to the King of the Universe, the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Jesus. Whether it be alone in my living room, or that "barely-a-joyful noise" I often make in the car or in the shower, or on stage with hundreds of my brothers and sisters -- the greatest opportunity I will EVER have is to offer my gifts for the King.

A second thought. The boy in the song claims he "has no gift to bring that's fit to give a King." I often feel like that. I'm usually too broken - too worn out - or feeling too inadequate for what "I think" is deserving of a King. The irony is that the scriptures say he uses the broken vessels ... the filthy rags ... the weak ... to serve His Kingdom.

So I played my BEST for him.
Then, He smiled at me ... "well done."

I hope you'll join us Monday night:
Monday, Dec 5 - Bradley University Student Center Ballroom


meredith said...

i expect a complete breakdown on that song tomorrow night jake bland ;)

Anonymous said...

good times at worship last night.

I like the beginning carol of the bells is one of my favorite christmas carols

the other one would be O Holy Night...thanks for hitting both of them.

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