Meeting God in my Confusion

A friend of mine recently applied for a job. He really wanted it. We prayed - a lot. He just got a phone call today, and he didn't get the job. Bummer. He's taking it very well ... but I know he's disappointed. At first, I mourned with him. Then, as I brought this before God - I began to celebrate! I celebrate that there is a better opportunity out there, a better fit, a better choice. This job would have worked for him, and God would have been glorified -- but there is a better plan.

This is the season of life that my friends and I are at. We're at a point where we're asking so many questions ... "Why did this job fall through?" "Why did I get rejected in this relationship?" "Where am I going to ..." "How am I going to ..." "When am I going to ..." Such is the confused and somewhat selfish mind of a college senior.

I'm reminded of how often the original disciples of Jesus were confused ... "Why are we going there?" "What are we going to do when we get there?" "Why did you say this?" or "Why didn't you say this?" They asked these questions often, but Jesus always had a plan. Always, it was a way better plan than the disciples would have ever come up with on their own.

I saw a bumper sticker for sale at a gas station that said "God is my co-pilot." Wrong. There have been seasons in my life where God was the co-pilot ... those were the worst seasons. God most definitely deserves the pilot's seat.

I've mentioned before that one of the deepest life-struggles I'm going through right now is trust ... I know (head knowledge) that God is sovereign, that His spirit lives inside of me, and that by living within His moral will I simply can not fail. I've known that in my head, but I've struggled to apply it recently. I've been selfishly confused.

Until now. I think the battle is finally won. I'm blowing up my picture of trust, and trying to make it more than a concept in my mind. If you're feeling this, I'd recommend Dr. James MacDonald's recent podcast on Walk in the World called Meeting God in my Confusion.

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actually, they didn't even have the decency to call. they emailed. but anyways. that's really beside the point.

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