Most would agree that getting older is tough -- bills, rent, insurance, work schedule, etc. I have found this to be true, but there's something else: Getting older means building "mature" friendships. I have some of the sweetest friends in the entire world. They challenge, encourage, and love ... and I am blessed to know them.

In grade school, making friends was about not getting beat up on the playground. Naturally, I was the strongest kid ... so you can imagine that I had a lot of friends (not).

In jr. high - it was about popularity, of course.

In high school and college, I made my friends based on the activities I was involved in ...

Now, transitioning out of college, my friendships have grown much deeper. We laugh & cry together. We could talk forever. Sometimes, we're content not even saying a word. Some of these friends are much older than me. A few are old enough to be my parents. Two of them are my parents.

It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that life - as it was designed - is about genuine, honest relationships between people, and most importantly a solid relationship between us and our Creator.

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