Take One ... That's a Wrap

Had another guitar lesson with my buddy Chris over at the Children's Home. We've only had two lessons, but this time he informed me that he was ready to record his first demo CD. Most artists practice for years before digging up enough courage to record. Not Chris, he was ready to tell the world.

I had my laptop with me and we decided to record a few tracks (he wants to show his teacher what he's been up to in guitar lessons).

We hit record. Chris played his heart out. Three tracks:
  1. God of Wonders (with voice)
  2. God of Wonders (without voice so he can sing along later)
  3. Joy to the World.
Those were his selections. He insisted that I play along ;-)

Pause here for some background information: I've spent the past four years studying multimedia -- with a concentration in music technology. Any elective chance I've had, I've studied music recording/production/theory/etc. I've recorded with many perfectionists ... a painful process, indeed.

So you'll understand why I was shocked when we hit the stop button after the first take.

"Great!", he said.

Great? After the first take? He doesn't want to record it again?

Nope ... "Great". To Chris (the master-of-one-take), he had given it his all on the first try, and there was no need for more. I think we can learn a lot from Chris. He pulled out a black permanent marker and said "Call it: Chris' First Recorded CD Soundtrack Ever."

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