Cross-Country Adventures

I ordered a new book today called "Roadtrip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America's Two-Lane Highways". If you can't tell, I'm starting to get pretty excited about this whole spontaneous road trip thing.

We're not going to plan for much -- but I thought it would be helpful to have a guide of some cool places to visit.

If you have any friends/relatives that live between Illinois and Maine -- or anywhere in the general northeast area of the US for that matter -- would you email me? We might be looking for a couch to sleep on ... Peace.


Jason Wood said...

it feels like cheating if we use a book.

Anonymous said...

Jack you said, "If you can't tell, I'm starting to get pretty excited about this whole spontaneous road trip thing. "

How spontaneous is it if your going to "Prince Edward Island in Canada, where we'll stay with some friends for a few day" (from prev. post), or going to Maine or even buying a book?

I know it is spontaneous to a degree, but what about this...

Take a glass bottle with you drive 100 miles spin it, go that direction, go another 100 and repeat (do it for a day, tell us what happens) You may want to make it so that you never go imediately back to the same direction (ie if you are heading east, stop, spin and you are to go west respin or round either north or south; however if you end up going in circles that is okay)

I hope you and Wood have an amazing time, you will never forget this for the rest of your life and two of you will grow amazing close or hate each other when its all said and done... maybe you guys should journal every day and post online or publish a book some time


Lacey said...

I have friends in Ohio, Pennslyvania, Virgina, Indiana

And family in New York, Conneticut

you know if you need something ;-)


swishthedish said...

yeah, will you guys be updating your blogs from the road? that'd be cool

Jason Terhorst said...

If you suddenly change plans, I have relatives in Colorado and Arizona.

The bottle idea sounds pretty cool. It makes it more random... you could end up in Mexico, or something. Sweet.

Jason Wood said...

no, no blogging on this trip. it's just me, jake, and the road. sorry ben. you'll have to wait til we come back to hear about it.

Megan D. Crow said...

I dont really know if Wisconsin is on the way to anywhere...but youre welcome to come here. Appleton, WI is about 5-6 hours from Peoria...we have an queen air mattress for the 'guest' room/office and a comfy couch and room for another on the floor. Anyway...your welcome here:) And Brooke goes to school in Goshen, IN (northern) and I know she has friends and such you guys can stay with.

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