Roadtrip Day 2-4: Ohio to Maine via NYC

Here are some more highlights from the trip:
  • Deerfield, Ohio is the gravesite of U.S. Grant's grandmother. Who knew?
  • In the same town, some guy had spray painted the side of his house: "God Bless our troops. God forgive our government." ... ON THE SIDE OF HIS HOUSE!
  • I bought a book from the bookstore last night on the history of Google and learned a little about their business strategy. This means I'm a big nerd.
  • We passed a fire station with a Darth Vader helmet on top.
  • In Evelyns, Ohio there is a $1,500 fine for dumping.
  • Nearby, we found a cemetery with the following sign: "Cemetery: No Trespassing Except for Cemetery Purposes." What?
  • I am now a library card holder in Canfield, OH. We needed to use the public access computers to see if J Scott had any upcoming shows in NYC. After all the work to register, it turned out he didn't have any shows.
  • Pennsylvania's welcome center has free cookies.
  • The highest point on I-80 is in Clearfield, Pennsylvania ... the landscape is beautiful
  • We took a tour of Penn's Cave - a deep cavern that was formed by water erosion to the inside of a mountain. Our tour guide had a cute accent, and a little boy in our boat kept growling at her.

  • Also - one guy in our boat looked like Bob Ross. Jason wanted me to ask him to say "Happy little cloud."
  • Ate dinner at the Turnpike cafe, in the middle of amish country.
  • We decided to stay the night in Bethlehem, but the inn's were too expensive (anyone see any irony here?) - we ended up staying in a cheap hotel just outside of Bethlehem.
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is home to "Pooch & Kitty's Pet Shop"
  • Jason and I nearly killed each other in Newark, NJ ... over driving directions and lack of sleep
  • We took the train into NYC, and spent the day walking around and laying around in Central Park. Hard to believe that we had driven all that way. Ate a small Chinese place in Greenwich village ... we liked the square plates and the frosty glasses.
  • This was my third trip to NYC, but my first time noticing that all of the restaurants have storage below them. To access they must open up the sidewalks and walk down a staircase. Never noticed that before.
  • We met up with J Scott, and got some dinner in little Italy ... the restaurant owners all wait on the sidewalks and beg you ("Everything you'd ever want" ... "You want it, we got it") to come to their place. It's kind of intimidating.
  • 10 girls walked in and sat at the table next to us, and we convinced Jason to go ask them for directions. Turns out they were from Macomb, IL. We took the subway down to times square.
  • Slept on the floor in NYC with no blankets and no pillow.
  • Hartfield, Connecticut is the home of Trinity College Men's Squash National Champs 1999-2005!
  • We sat in dead-stop traffic all day through Massachusetts. Apparently the state has spent billions of dollars trying to dig their interstate highways into tunnels under Boston, only to find out that they did the whole thing wrong. They call it the "Big Dig". Jason and I vowed never to return to Massachusetts again.
  • We drove all the way through New Hampshire in 15 minutes.
That's enough for now :-)

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