Greetings Guatamalan Missionaries

My blog tracker shows that I recently had a visitor from Guatamala. If I had 10 guesses, I bet I could guess who it is. A handful of my friends are serving there as part of a church missions trip. In case they check back here, I just wanted to send a shout out -- and let you know that I'm praying for you. Serve faithfully, and come back safely!

On that note, please pray for my friend Ryan in Papau New Guinea. I'm assuming he doesn't have Internet since he's eating bugs, tree bark, and boiled leaves (yum).

Also pray for my friend Brent who is leading a guys retreat in Michigan's upper peninsula.

Who else? I'm sure there are more to pray for ...

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John Bussone said...

Hey brother...nice to know you are praying for us. Just left ty and note as well. I miss you all very much and look forward to seeing you and praying and catching up. Love ya brother


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