To Have and to Hold

There's a song by Mae called "Someone Else's Arms". Throughout the whole chorus, they sing "I just wanna wake up..." -- over and over again. It isn't until the very end of the song that they finish the line "...in someone else's arms."

Great song! Over the past two weeks, I've had the priviledge of watching four of my closest friends get married. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Eric & Jill Larson, and Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Michelle Smith! It's been a blast reconnecting with old friends -- from high school and from college, and sharing these moments together. I think I'm also learning a lot about what real love "looks like" by listening to all these wedding vows. Both Jon & Michelle and Eric & Jill have a very special love for each other that is to be honored. It's a great example for us all, single friends ... Good thing we have four more weddings to look forward to yet this summer ;-)

I leave Peoria at 3:30am tomorrow morning ... heading to Washington, DC for the first part of Youth for Christ's DCLA conference. Thousands of teens will gather. Crowder, Tomlin, and Giglio are going to be there. Best of all, we're going to teach the students about living authentic lives by building loving relationships with people. Please pray for a high impact weekend.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Kim said...

The wedding was a blast. It was good seeing you and dancing up a storm with ya. Have fun in DC (you're waking up in a couple of hours and I'm just going to bed...ha). Praying for you always.

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