Step up to the Microphone

This morning I accidentally made myself puke in the front row at church. Brent was standing by my side during worship band rehearsal, practicing his electric guitar. The piano I was sitting at was a tall Yamaha upright grand piano (it's beautiful). While my back faces the church congregation, I can see a reflection of the entire room in the piano. I've always used this as a "rear view mirror" of sorts.

This particular morning, a special reflection caught my eye during rehearsal. In the very back of the room (in the nursery window), I saw my mom, girlfriend, and a little girl playing in the nursery ...

My voice isn't the greatest at 9am. In fact, it's quite pathetic. Since the girls in the back could hear every mistake through the nursery room speakers, I decided to have a little fun. I started hacking and coughing into the microphone ... attempting to stir some sort of reaction from the back.

Then it backfired. Literally. The one cup of coffee I had that morning began to backfire. I slowly raised my right hand and motioned to Brent to stop. He couldn't believe it.

Still tasted (and smelled) like Coffee.

The moral of the story: I'm not sure it has one.


Anonymous said...

what's funny is that you did it on the first sunday that you brought kara to church... that'll be one of those stories someday where you remember the first time she ever came to church with you and you made yourself puke. haha. way to make memories buddy... well done. jess and i have more than a few of those.

JGanschow said...

this is why you are my favorite.

heather said...

That sounded tasty... yeah right. Thanks for sharing, Jake.

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