I've noticed recently that I don't laugh as much as I used to. It seems the transition out of college and into the real world stole my laughter. The daily tasks, the routines, unreturned voicemails and emails, piles on my desk and in my home. These things stole my childish laughter and enthusiasm that once was.

My boss, Dan, is a couple years ahead of my in the journey. He wrote this in a recent letter, and it reminded me to laugh and live:
I have no desire to live with regrets. That’s why I laugh more than I once did. It’s why I don’t allow others to steal my joy. It’s why I listen to criticism, but I strive not to lose sleep over it. It lets me admit my frailties and celebrate God’s forgiveness.
Thanks for the reminder. There are no routines when we're found standing in grace and forgiveness. Only laughter and joy.

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pbill said...

Jake - I really needed to read that this morning. Seems I've been trying Splenda-like joy rather than the real thing. It's so true - only Jesus satisfies! Keep laughing... from a heart filled with genuine, Christ-produced joy!

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