Laptop's Vacation

My Powerbook is taking a vacation to Elk Grove, California this week. The DVD superdrive is broken, so I had to send it in to Apple. Asking me to go without a computer for a week is like asking a .... I couldn't think of a cool way to finish that sentence - but nevertheless, it's really tough.

Let's just hope it comes back soon. Windows people don't comment. Macs are still far better. I could make a list of the reasons why, but instead I will go to bed. Goodnight :-)


Rick Hall said...

That reminds me of the time that I tried fixing my car on my own. I ended up with a bunch of "spare parts."

Jason Terhorst said...

I once had to take apart my old iBook to fix the annoyingly common reed switch/video cable issue.
It looked kind of like the picture you have. I managed to put it back together, and had a bunch of screws left over. Then, I realized I hadn't actually hooked the LCD's video feed cable back up again, so no picture. I took it apart AGAIN, and then ended up with more leftover screws. THEN, I pressed the power button, and it worked. I don't have an Apple Authorized Repair license, but I've fixed my own computer, so I'm happy. That computer is now kind of old and slow... 700MHz G3, but still somewhat useful. Oh, and the Apple power adapters are crap. Mine broke, but once I bought another 3rd party one from smalldog.com, and my cat at home began to try to chew through the cord on it. The fun continues.....

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