New Morning Routine

I think I'm gonna replace my morning routine. Usually, I wake up later than everyone else - so I have the house to myself.

Old routine: Throw on a hoody, some coffee, crank up some rap on the stereo (makes me feel like I didn't grow up in Pekin). The rap also usually does a pretty good job of waking me from the zombie state.

New Routine: Get up a half hour earlier - put my earphones in - and take a stroll through Laura Bradley Park. I've subscribed to the James MacDonald Podcast: "Walk in the Word". The daily radio program is automatically downloaded to my iPod every morning. His teaching is incredible. Right now, he's walking me through a biblical approach to God's will (how appropriate, eh?).

I try to make it a point to take off the headphones and say "hello" when I pass people on the sidewalk. Today I met John and James (not brothers - they were about 2 miles apart - though I think I'll refer to my new friends as "the sons of thunder"). John is mentally handicapped, and works two days a week shoveling (sp?) dirt for the park. James was laid off his job a few days ago as a landscaper and is now wandering the neighborhood raking leaves to earn a few bucks. He's got two kids at home. We talked for a bit, but I always feel like my words fall short in a situation like that. Please pray that he'll find a job soon.

I like the new daily routine. Let's hope it stays "daily".


hhh said...

Jake, I really like your new mourning routine also. I think it fits your amazing personality better. God Bless and keep walking in God's foot steps. Your such a great role model to others.

Anonymous said...

JB -

Great a.m. routine! You've sharpened me by living well - again.

About "your words" falling short - - just do the LT thing and ask great questions. oops - were you reflective or seeking an answer?



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