This CD should come with a Warning Label

I bought the new David Crowder CD this week. He's one of my favorite artists, and also one of the wierdest men I know. We have a few things in common - like Dr. Pepper as choice beverage, and we've both been attacked by squirrels.

The new CD is called "Collision or 3+4=7". 21 tracks of sheer random amazement. It's one of those CD's that gets a little better every time you listen to it.

Here's the story: This week I was listening to it on my iPod, when I noticed that everyone around me was giving me very strange looks. It then occurred to me that I was singing - at the top of my lungs - with the music, while walking across campus. I can't say that this has ever happened before in public, and I pray that it doesn't happen again. At any rate, the people around me got a few laughs. Maybe it was you.



Anonymous said...

You were singing at the top of your lungs with the headphones? That is great!

Go Jake! GO GOD!!

Dan L

justice is next to godliness said...

jake...i hope that my comments have served your heart well today. i guess i should get that cd...and, you're doing a good job with this blog assignment...

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