I just discovered "Uncrustables", pre-made pb&j sanwhiches made by Smuckers. They're incredible (and cheap)! I'm told that they've been around for a while (my friends claim to have eaten them in high school), yet the first one made it into my stomach this week. What an incredible invention!

I want to meet the "quality control" guy whose job it was to determine the exact ratio of peanut butter to jelly. I want to know how many versions they came up with before achieving the perfect balance.

If you've never tried Uncrustables before, you must. BU students can pick them up at Outakes. Smuckers is not paying me to say this, although I'll accept payment if they call. :-)


hhh said...

Jake, you are right. Uncrustables are real yummy and dirt cheat! :)I gald that you discovered them this week. :) God Bless!

daniel said...

i love uncrustables yes i do!
i love uncrustables how about you?

Anonymous said...

yeah they've been around forever I use to eat them in jr. high, that was ages ago. They are really cheap too, thats probably why we got them in school.

mmmmm now I want one....

Right now