Freely Give

Yesterday I was walking home after my 10am class. Passed a homeless guy on the sidewalk. I walked right on by - didn't make eye contact - didn't stop ... nothing. I was too busy. About 200 feet down the sidewalk God stopped me right in my tracks ...

Turn around and give that guy some money, He said. I tried to ignore God for 3 more steps. I didn't want to turn around. The Holy Spirit is relentless sometimes, so I reluctantly retraced my steps back to the man.

I'm glad I turned around. I approached Tim, who was carrying all of his earthly posessions on his back. Huge sacks - 3 or 4 of them at least. I asked him if he had eaten lunch. He had not, so I asked him if I could give him $5 for lunch. His eyes lit up as he told me that I had not only given him enough for lunch - but also dinner, breakfast, and lunch tomorrow.

I usually don't give homeless guys money. I would much rather give them food. As I walked away, I was kicking myself. Why didn't I just go buy him some food? Now, I'm out 5 dollars, and I have no idea how he'll actually spend my money. My money? As I type this I'm convicted again ... my money? Where on earth did I get this concept that it was MY money to begin with?

Jesus said "Give away your life, and you'll find life given back, but not merely given back -- given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity." (Luke 6:38)

He wasn't joking. After I reluctantly gave away 5 bucks, someone ended up buying my lunch. I also received a Barnes & Noble gift card in the mail, but it didn't stop there ...

I went to the mall because I needed to buy hair gel. I was really excited because I had completed my "punch card" -- which means I have purchased 9 things of hair gel from the same place, and was now due for my 10th FREE gel. Turns out it was 2 for 1 day. I ended up getting 2 of them free. And there's more ... she gave me my punch card BACK, and told me to use it again NEXT TIME for one more FREE thing.

Jesus wasn't kidding. Give, give, and give - and trust that he'll take care of you. I'm understanding that a little better today.

Pray for Tim (now, please).


Anonymous said...

I just had one real thought to add. Sometimes Jesus doesn't pay us back or multiply our giving back to us in material blessings. I know you don't think Jesus is a genie, but your blog (if taken wrongly) could be interpreted as such. You know..like, if I give 10 dollars to Jesus, he's always going to give me $30 back (or it's equivalent). Just a thought.

jdb said...

agreed. thanks for your thought.

Anonymous said...

Jesus brings blessing into our lives everyday - not just when we give give others gifts. Jake you are a solid guy its nice to know that we dont have to please God to be blessed. To think of all the blessing I get and never notice - wow. We are blessed and for that reason we must bless other. Way to listen to the Holy Spirit.

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