Thursday is a Big Deal

Something really big is happening here locally, and I'm excited about it.

This Thursday - - 7pm - - Peoria Christian High School.

A prayer meeting. A meeting about unity. Young and old will gather. Tons of churches and other like-minded groups will be gathering -- all for one purpose: to pray ... to dream ... to seek what things "could be" if we started working together for the sake of the Gospel.

This hasn't happened often (at least, not in Peoria). This is new. This is exciting. Jeff Schwarzentraub (spoke at w@fv two Mondays ago) will be leading the prayer/discussion. Many of you commented that his words touched your hearts last week.

If you'd like to go, but need a ride -- let me know and I'll get you there.

Check out John 17, and you'll see why this is so cool ...


Anonymous said...

John 17 - Amazing and to think that it was not only the longest prayer record in scripture but it was his last words. I can't be there on Thursday but I will be praying for this... we must stop talking about doing these things and start doing um.

meredith said...

i've heard a lot about this on the RADIO, and it sounds sweet.
i'll also be praying for this sweet event.

let me know how it goes :D
<3 foma

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