Three days after graduation, my friend Jason and I will hit the road for an "unplanned" roadtrip! We'll be gone for 10-12 days, and unavailable via cell phone or email.

We call it "unplanned" because we really don't have an agenda ... we're setting sail and seeing where the open road will take us. At this point, our only known destination is Prince Edward Island in Canada, where we'll stay with some friends for a few days. The bridge pictured above leads to the island. It is the longest bridge over waters that freeze in the world, and is the longest bridge in Canada. Pretty sweet, eh?


Anonymous said...

coolest thing ever


jdb said...

1234 - can we come visit you? Where might we find you? Michigan?


justice is next to godliness said...

funny thing about that bridge is its free to get across into PEI, but it costs like $30 to get back to the mainland...so, if you're moving there, its free so long as you don't try to come back

Chris said...

Can you imagine how long it would take to crawl across that bridge? I think I'm going to try it. You goin to see Tyler?

jdb said...


Right now