We Were Acting Like Kids

Last night, the Fullvolume band went on a camping trip. These are our stories ...
  • The campsite host informed us that we could only camp there if we were members of the human race. Apparently, we looked questionable.
  • 4-6 coyote's were howling in the distance, but we stood our ground. Look at our muscles.
  • Adam, Stacey, and I assembled two tents in complete darkness. We then carried the assembled tents to our site - also after sundown. This was very stupid on our part, but we had no choice.
  • Our party was just getting started at about 1:30am, when we were silenced by the shouting from nearby tents. The natives were restless. The loud voice told us to "Shut the !@#$% UP!", because we were "acting like kids". We obliged. Actually, we didn't know anyone was that close to us.
  • Rising early, it took all of us to prepare breakfast over the fire in the morning: eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls (not over the fire), and orange juice.
  • Our relaxing adventure concluded with some extreme badmitten (yes, extreme), acoustic worship songs, and a stop for ice cream in Kickapoo. The whole weekend was great.
I don't really have anything deep to say ... preparing for exams, writing papers, and senior projects have completely stolen all of my thoughts. In 21 days all of this will end ... and I'll be left with a lot more time, and so many of memories to hold on to.

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