Monthly Voicemail Awards: April

Last month I began a new series on this blog called the "Monthly Voicemail Awards". Each month, I'll post my favorite voicemail on the web for you to listen to.

There are many funny messages to choose from, but rarely does anyone ever sing ... that's what makes this one the ultimate pick for the month of April. Enjoy!

LISTEN NOW (2MB wav file)

Oh, and of course -- a free lunch to the person who first correctly guesses the voice.

Congratulations to Beky "BeXster" Smith, hailing all the way from East Peoria High School, who correctly guessed the March voicemail (Bryan Caudle). I still owe her lunch :-)


swishthedish said...

Hahaha, that message is awesome. I myself have stepped in several buffalo turds, so I can relate.

rj said...

Jake, I do believe that is the one and only Dan Learned!! I feel so special now to have heard him sing! That's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah its Dan - - I missed it by not even 10min

Anonymous said...

oh yeah as for it is being dan - tell Woody


Sorry Wood I forgot what I am doing

justice is next to godliness said...

sounds like Johnny Cash to me...dan's a mess

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