Is "true love" aggressive?

ag·gres·sive / (-grsv) / adj.
Assertive, bold, and energetic: an aggressive sales campaign.

I can only spell that word correctly thanks to the cheerleaders from junior high basketball days. Since I rode the bench for the entire season, I had plenty of time to listen to the cheers, one of which involved spelling out the word aggressive. :-)

One of the books I've started-and-yet-to-finish is "Flashbang: How I Got Over Myself" by Mark Steele. He is a comedian/film producer/theologian, and his book is quite possibly the funniest book I've ever read. Really ... I've laughed out loud, several times.

But some of it is pretty deep. Like when he claims that true love is aggressive. Here's the quote:

He [God] is continually reaching out [to us] in new ways. If the sunrise doesn't work, He'll go for a miracle. If that doesn't work -- the still small moment. Whatever it takes -- He keeps reaching until His hand is slapped aside. And even in that case, He will reach again. Because He never forgets us.

Johnny Cash did this with June Carter (in the movie, at least). He even got his hand slapped aside a few times. And yet, how many times did he ask her to marry him? Countless.

But I still struggle with that word aggressive. I don't like thinking of love as a sales pitch. Salesmen (not all, but some) are fake, and self-interested. True love is not self-seeking.

How about persistent as an alternative. What do you think?


rj said...

I like the word aggressive... i think it's fitting. If God hadn't been aggressive with me I wouldn't be here. And I mean aggressive, not persistent. Bold. Energetic. Assertive. I like it a lot.

swishthedish said...

yeah, aggressive is good. anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

True love, I think, is not only aggressive, but obssesive and passionate too. Its something that you want to fight for, its something that you can't get out of your mind or heart. Its something that doesn't fall over at the first storm, Its something/someone you can't stop thinking about and motivates you to keep on acting on it.

God is good.

jdb said...

RJ - Swish the Dish - Anon -- you guys rock. You have challenged me today! :-)

justice is next to godliness said...

if you read it in a book it must be true...don't question guys who are able to get books published, especially funny guys like mark steele...you should know better

John Bussone said...

persistent seems to fit the quote better than aggressive. I'm not sure about aggressive; was Jesus aggressive? He was humble. Can you be humble and aggressive?

Anonymous said...

Jesus - was he agressive? Oh yah daddy.... think about your worst ugliest sin you have ever commited - think of Jesus standing in the room and he tells you this: "I died for that" now think - he forgets it, as far as the east is from the west - he forgets (which gets in to a big theoligcal question you can ask Jake about - how can an all knowing God forget) - anyways back to the topic - - my tesimony its not a real I was out on the streets haveing sex all the time etc - - i was blessed that i grew up in a christian home - - but there came a time where it was not what it was about what my parents wanted for me - - it was about me making a personal decision, putting my faith in Jesus - - but the months before that God had to break me of a lot - - It pushed me away from Him, it put me in a place that I did not want to be - - it was not a persistant thing it was - - HEY YOU!!!! - - think of your story maybe God did not have to be agressive with you - - there were times we see Jesus being humble other times very agressive - - but we know from Phil 2 that utimately it was humility that drove his agression

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