It was approximately 7pm. Ben, Sean, Jason, Erin, Jamie, and I were out back grilling up some brats (is that spelled right?). The sky was blue. The weather was beautiful. Someone mentioned that Peoria was under a tornado watch ... and I decided to speak confidently that in my 21 years of existence I had never seen a tornado strike Peoria.

Then the sirens came. The sky was still blue. No one panicked. We were determined to cook the food.

The temperature dropped fast, and the sky turned green. In the midst of a downpour and near-tornado, my friends and I were out celebrating the time change ... Our first cookout of the season. Brilliant.

The man next door came outside. He didn't see us at first, but then noticed us huddling around the grill. "Did ya know there's a tornado warning in effect for Peoria county?" he said.

At that moment, I couldn't decide who was more of an idiot. Us -- for grilling outside oblivious to the potential danger. Or him -- for having a complete understanding of the situation and deciding to take a stroll in his back yard.

What do you think?


Jason Terhorst said...

As long as you're not in a trailer park, you're fine. Trailer parks are like appetizers for tornados.

swishthedish said...

that man is a hero. he not only stood in defiance of an F4 tornado, but he saved your lives. we should all try to be a little more like that guy

jdb said...

Haha ... a hero indeed. Maybe I should clarify: He wasn't coming outside to inform us (he noticed us afterwards). He was coming outside to look for the tornado.

Anonymous said...

well - - - on your part what foolish acts- - but if i could have been there i would have been

Anonymous said...

if i were you i would have hidden in the tornado shelter in my basement and called everyone i knew while listening to the scanner and watching tv and eating all the supplies.

...but that's just me ;)

divinevelocity said...

if we can't grill during a tornado, then the terrorists have truly won.

live in fear.


justice is next to godliness said...

i agree with jarrett harris...

Right now