Life moves fast ... Sometimes Blogs Don't

So much has been going on these past several days -- what a blast! I've started my full-time job with YFC, attended the HOBY Youth Leadership Conference in Champaign for a weekend (Shout-out to Group #10, "The Green Machine", and my fellow "old people" facilitators shown below), and spent some time in Chicago visiting Gabe and Lindsay. I haven't yet been able to collect my thoughts and write them down here, but will get to that point soon. (Still trying to adjust to this new "real world" schedule).

Give me another day or so -- and then we shall continue the blogging. Peace.


Morgan Wetzel said...

Okay Jake, I would just like to say none of you in that picture are old people. Facilitators yes, but not old. lol. I would like to say that you are still in my friend age range and I don't like to think of myself as old.

Your website is really cool! And it is also really cool that you work for a youth Christian group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's really amazing in my book!

Anonymous said...

"still tying to adjust to this new 'real world' schedule"

you are in ministry... do you really have a 9 to 5 job?

jdb said...

haha -- you crack me up, anonymous friend.

9-5pm? Absolutely not.

Bills? Insurance payments? Consolidating loans? Laundry? Health benefits? Scheduling travel? Maintaining friendships with people who have now scattered across the country? Watching 5 friends get married? Leaky ceiling in the bathroom? No homework?

Now, that stuff takes some getting used to.

Anonymous said...

Jake, how does health benifits effect your schedule, I am curious?

Anonymous said...

I was on the phone all day with an insurance company trying to get my benefits straightened out.I actually ended up taking a day off of work to get it figured out. It is almost impossible to get to a human. Good luck Jake!

jdb said...

thank you "anonymous" for answering "anonymous'" question ...

Right now