I Miss You

Kyle and I were talking tonight about how hard it is to keep in touch after school is out -- and even harder after graduation. We both admitted how much we miss our friends, hang out time, and "the way things were" altogether. It's not that we don't enjoy where we are now, it's just so hard to look back and realize that those times will never be again.

So -- for crying out loud -- keep in touch! How is life? Your summer? Your job? Your family? Drop me an email (jake@jakebland.com), or write a comment on this blog. Let's talk :-)

Peace out, my dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

hey jake! I just now discovered that you have a blog account so I thought I'd drop ya a comment and see what's shakin :). I pray that your june has been a delight. I sense that you miss your friends and that you're still adjusting to the life of an adult and being responsible! (scary I'm sure...haha) However, I also know that Jesus is seeing you through this unfamiliar territory you've entered into and I'm sure He's amazing you every step of the way. I pray for you everyday and I just can't wait till we can catch up and I can hear how God has blessed your new, exciting life! Take care.
Your sister in Christ,
Katie Post

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