An Observation

I took a shower yesterday, and it was glorious (as always). I'm a daily shower-er, sometimes 2 in a day if I can get away with it. As I left the bathroom to go get dressed, my roommate Brent was just beginning his morning routine. Just having finished, you can imagine that I was surprised to hear him complaining from the bathroom.

"The shower doesn't work," he said.
"Sure it does, I just used it." I replied.

But sure enough -- the shower had gone dry within just a few minutes. Brent was completely cut off from the source. As it turns out, the contractors were remodeling the bathroom upstairs and had shut off our water to make the repairs. Our makeshift solution was to use several bottles of water for the important things like brushing-of-the-teeth.

Fact: It's annoying to try and brush your teeth with bottled water. You must return to the source each time for a refill before continuing.

A couple years ago, I used to take the "bottled water" approach to ministry. I would (1) approach the source - (2) fill up - and then (3) pour out by returning to ministry. When I was feeling dry or empty, I'd return to the source. The source would then fill me up, and I'd take my "full bottle" and the process would continue ...

Second fact: That's about as frustrating as trying to brush your teeth with bottled water.

I've realized now that life is more like the shower. To be "in Christ" or to have "Christ in me" means that I walk (or live, or minister) like I'm in the shower all the time. The source is indeed unlimited, and I should not pour out but give away the overflow. This clearly means that the most important relationship that I have is between me and the source.

And so I commit ... to enjoying the source: the author and giver of life.


JGanschow said...

That is an awesome and true analogy!

John Bussone said...

Let's not just visit the holy of holies as if it were a museum, instead; let's live from that center where God is througout the day. But this is hard. Very difficult to stay there; life and all gets in the way. As Brennen is pointing out it takes a lot of discipline, but the cool thing is that when I discover I'm off and not in the center; I just talk to God and come back....and he lets me and welcomes me back....Oh to be more like Him.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to see your evolution from the person I once knew! God is doing amazing things and you are willing to be His servant. I can't wait to read more of your inspiring and thought provoking analogies.

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