Pay it Forward

I was watching "Pay it Forward" with a friend of mine the other night. I had never seen the movie, but the concept seemed familiar. One of the main characters, a young boy, decides that he will do something nice for 3 people, who will return the favor by impacting 3 additional people (and the movement snowballs across the country).

WCIC is doing something like this here in Peoria. They're calling it "tag you're it". I actually saw this in action as the Avanti's waitress received a large tip at the table next to mine along with a notecard reading "Tag You're It". What's great about both of these examples is that they're open to anyone -- you don't have to be a member of a specific club or organization to get tagged. It's a "game" that the entire public is playing.

I have another friend who will often anonymously pay for a group's meal one table over. Try it sometime -- you'll be blessed just watching their reaction, so much that you won't even want the credit.


Eric T. said...

northwoods did this with their left-overs from their 2005 budget.

they paid it forward.


that's right, they actually said that at their year-end review sermon.

"we going to pay that forward... to next year's budget!"

Anonymous said...

Hey how about more stories on your road trip?

Those that read "Bland Thought" want to know!

heather said...

Hey Jake! Just wanted to tell you that my youth group at Grace United Methodist in Pekin started "Pay it Forward" about the same time as WCIC. It's a pretty sweet thing to do. Also, my family and I came back last night from San Deigo, Califrnia. It was such a great vacation. Sea World was totally unbelievable!!!!! Talk to you soon. God Bless, HEATHER hoffman =]

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