Time-out on the Blogging

Have a great couple weeks ... I'll be out of town until August 12.

Week 1: Crooked Creek Camp near Winterpark, Colorado. We're taking nearly 40 high school students and leaders. Please pray for each name below - for safe travel, fun experiences, and that Jesus himself would become more real to us this week. It's going to be an amazing camp.

Chelsea Calli Meredith Roxy Kelsey Chris Joe Brian Jeremy Logan Kelsey Abby Brent Josh Cody Mary Logan Beky Jo Jo Kristen Jeff Josh James Anita Caitlin Dana Jeff Jessey Nikki Annie Callee Kim Jake Jarrod Ross

Our photos will be posted here: www.yfcpeoria.org

Week 2: Flying out to spend a couple days with my friend Ben in LA ... then serving at the DCLA student conference in California. Over 6,000 students will gather. Crowder, Giglio, etc will also be there -- yeah!

I'll be back soon -- see you then!


Bethany said...

life is falling apart around here...i mean there have been no word wall posts in 2 days, and now we're out of icees!

alyssa said...

Hey Jake!! Hope you are having a blast! We miss you, come home!

Right now