How Infinitely Sweet...

...this great love that has redeemed. As one, we sing Hallelujah! He is Holy!

Those words echoed through the exhibit hall of the Anaheim Convention Center just four days ago. 8,000 teens and their adult mentors gathered in one room to praise the God of Heaven and Earth.

(BTW - that's my roommate on the video camera, high above the crowd). It was an incredible moment. My ministry (and my job) is to reach teens with the gospel and plug them into the Church. It's not often that we get to see the fruits of such efforts ... but worshipping together is a beautiful picture.

Yes - we all worship something. This country is not worship-void, it's just worship-misplaced (thanks, Louie, for that one). For some, it's a car ... a computer ... the latest cell phone ... a relationship ... a job ... a book ... Something is screaming for our attention, thoughts, cravings, and desires. For me, at any given moment and I'm worshipping my Apple Powerbook, the search for my wife, my guitar, job, or Jesus.

God, help me make it more of the latter. There can't possibly be an object worthy of greater attention.

Other personal highlights from the past two weeks:
  • Climbed a mountain to 11,000 feet
  • Drove a porsche -- and almost convinced the Hilton bellman that it was mine
  • Surfed - well, I tried
  • Spent a week with some of the most brilliant people I have ever met, including students

  • Slept for 16 hours straight without waking up - a new personal record!
  • Flew home on a "Terrorist Red" day, only sacrificing my toothpaste and hair-gel


Courtney C said...

Welcome back :-)

Great point about worship...it reveals our tension beween living in the world or living in Christ. Praise God that we can be satisfied when we choose the latter!

David Duer said...

Hair-gel...what a sacrifice. But I bet you had a spare in your check-in bags. :-)

Glad your journey was safe and educational. Take care not to forget the things you learn on the mountain so you can battle in the valley.

swishthedish said...




Right now