Catalyst Conference - Day ONE

Incredible drumline, live monkey on the stage licking a lollipop, surprise guest comedian/preacher Jeff Foxworthy (yes, redneck guy), knights on real horses, and a Beatles cover band ... these are the things we experienced today at Catalyst 2006.

Justin has some great Foxworthy quotes on his blog. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the speakers today:

Andy Stanley on Humility
  • The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men, and he gives them to anyone he wishes (Daniel 4). This should change our perspective on leadership, and eliminate our arrogance.
  • Leadership is a stewardship. It's temporary, and you're accountable
  • Christ-like leadership should be diligent, fearless, and humble ... because God has placed me where I am, and I just serve as a temporary sub here for Him.
  • This isn't about My Story - I am a substitute helping with God's Story

Marcus Buckingham on Management
  • All great teams have one thing in common: great management
  • The job of the manager is to turn individual talent into performance, and grow team goals
  • We're always a work in progress. We are never done with our work
  • If you can't do - teach. If you really can't do - consult
  • Capitalize on individual uniqueness
  • Great managers never speak in generalities about their team: they know vivid detail about each person
  • When dealing with difficult people, managers should spend 80% of the time sharpening the person's strengths, and 20% of the time filling-in for weakness (most managers have this backwards)
  • Door after door will continue to open, but not all doors open to your strengths
  • If you studied "Bad" and inverted it, you don't get "Good" - you get "not bad"

George Barna on the Church
  • We're not called to "go to" church. We're called to "be" the Church.
  • Family is the central church experience
  • "Bigness" is not as big of deal as "depth"

John Maxwell on Leadership
  • In the beginning of your leadership journey, do everything. In the process, lean towards the things you do very well.
  • Begin to develop people to complete you in your weak area
  • We attract who we are, not who we want.
  • Jesus did not spend equal amounts of time with everyone (Pete, Jim, and John - what do you think Matt and Barts convo looked like?)
  • The greatest investment in the Kingdom, is to invest in your best (Phil Jackson -> "Get the ball to Michael")
  • Paul said, "This one thing I do" ... NOT "Fourty things I dabble in"
  • I'll buy lunch to the first person who reads this line and comments
  • People who lead the most, have not always had the highest position
  • Moral failure in leadership is usually due to (1) No accountability, (2) No time in the Word, and (3) a "it won't happen to me" mentality.

Tomorrow ... Louie Giglio and Donald Miller!

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dave said...

Sweet! dGuess you have to drive to Wisconsin and buy me lunch.

Courtney C said...

That conference sounds amazing...I am so jealous!

swishthedish said...

Jake - COME HOME! Brent's a mess without you. He cries at night and during the day he just mopes around. Things aren't the same without you here.


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