Our Story is God's Story

I have a friend. His life has a story. Our lives are connected. His story becomes part of my story.

"And our story is God's story. So many of us have been conditioned to think of our faith as solely an issue of us and God. But faith is a communal experience. A shared journey. I have heard people say their stories are not exciting. I can only imagine how deeply offended God is with comments like this. Not exciting? If the story is about me, then, yes, it is only exciting to a certain degree. But the point of our stories and our faith journeys is that they are about something much bigger."

So, if you have a friend ... If your friend has a story, then claim it.

"I tell my story and my wife's story and my friends' stories -- I tell every story. I want others to see how they're all connected. So if you think your faith story is boring, take someone else's.

All things are yours."

(quotes taken from Velvit Elves, by Rob Bell)

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