Two questions I've always wondered ... but forgot to ask

1. Does anyone else have trouble with the envelope dispensers in the ATM machines (specifically Money Center 24)? Or is that just me? For 8 years now I've been pulling up to the machine and pushing the metal trigger that says "PUSH". Never has a single envelope ever been dispensed.

So I resort to yanking the envelopes out of the machine. Any suggestions here? Am I the only one?

2. Why - when one runs out of toilet paper, is it customary to get a new roll of toilet paper and leave the empty one on the rod, without replacing it? It would take 3 more seconds to replace the toilet paper. And ... there's really plenty of time to complete the re-stock while sitting and thinking.


Megan said...

in response to the first question....i usually would always keep a bundle of envelopes in my car - so they were always ready when I needed some - plus as you're waiting in line you can be filling everything out already.

And I had the same problem with the CEFCU envelope dispensers- mainly there weren't ever any envelopes in there anyway.

Good luck!

Kim said...

one time i went to get an envelope out of those stupid dispensers and ended up pulling out all of them. now i have a healthy stock of those bad boys in my car. you are not alone.

JGanschow said...

Make it "3." I too, yank out a handful of the money-hungry paper demons and stock my car with them.

As for question #2 (ironic), that drives me almost as crazy as when someone leaves the seat up.

because seriously, if you are anywhere in the bathroom and you drop something, there's only one place it will land. splash.

Eric said...

you're not alone... i don't understand the engineering behind that...

you push something in, and is the envelops supposed to just stick out more, suddenly becoming able to be grabbed?

or is something supposed to pop out at you if you release the push button?

either way, it's never worked.

it makes about as much sense as the brail on the drive-up ATMs.

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