Chronicles - Chapter 6

Solomon had just finished building the most ornate building imaginable. It took thousands of skilled men to build the structure … so many that there were nearly 4,000 supervisors alone. Gold and precious metals were imported and poured into beautiful ornaments, with two enormous gold winged creatures placed inside. Surely this was an incredible sight! Solomon’s God given-task, and his life-purpose fulfilled!

But Solomon recognized that his creation was merely human. He never lost sight of how small he and his efforts were in comparison to the God of the universe. In fact, in his prayer of dedication he said this:

Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, how much less this house that I have built! (v18 - ESV)

God honored Solomon’s kingdom-building efforts (in a huge way – read Chapter 7), but I would imagine God’s response had something to do with Solomon’s humility.

I, too, am making efforts to build God’s kingdom. Most days, however, I think way to highly of myself. I trick myself into thinking that God somehow needs me. That I’m a big deal. Look at me! Look what I’m doing, God! Everyone else come take a look at what I’m doing for God!

Do you catch the sarcasm?

Behold, even the highest heaven cannot contain my Jesus, how much less these little efforts I build.

God, you be God and I’ll be Jake. Today (and again tomorrow), I’ll submit to you.

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Eric T. said...

4,000 supervisors???

it's amazing it ever got built!

sounds like too many chiefs and not enough indians.

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