I've just returned from (almost) a week in Chicago. I was "officially" up there doing some web work, but the trip was so much more than that. It was a great time to re-connect with old friends, and made me realize just how blessed I am with some of these relationships. Thanks Beau, Erin, Gabe, Jamin, Lu, Perry, and Rita for a great week. You made me feel at home in your city.

I should ask for prayers for Dre and Mrs. Dre (ask me the story sometime - it's a fun one ... her real name's Marilyn, but he insisted that I call her Mrs. Dre). They are a homeless couple that I was priveleged to have lunch with on Friday. We were able to spend about an hour together, and it was so cool to learn their story. Please join me in bringing them before the throne.

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